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Autorient Technologies AS

Solutions for positioning of autonomous systems

Autorient Technologies AS

  • Vestfold Innovation Park
    Raveien 205
    3184 Horten
    Norway 923 789 634


    +47 90160149

Autorient Technologies AS will establish a selection of products within positioning and control of autonomous- and semi-autonomous vehicles, drones, and movable robots. Our products will all include unique MEMS sensors with capabilities not offered by others. IoT and AI will be fundamental characteristics to support multi-task and multi-unit operations, online and linked communication and efficient self-learning algorithms.

Founders and Team
– World leading MEMS achievements

Sverre Horntvedt

CEO & Founder

  • 40+ years within industrial- and automotive sensor industry
  • World recognized MEMS business pioneer – founder of Sensonor
  • Introduced several world first products to the global market
  • Achieved world leading position for several industrial- and automotive sensor products
  • Extensive international network within high tech industries

Terje Kvisterøy

CTO & Founder

  • 40+ years within sensor research and industry
  • Responsible for technology- and product development for several world leading MEMS products
  • Established several manufacturing lines and operations in Europe and Asia
  • Sensor- and measurement expert
  • 50+ journal- and conference papers, keynotes, lectures
  • 30+ patents, patent applications

Narintorn Monmeaung

GM Autorient ASIAN Co. Ltd.

  • 10 years within professional electro-mechanical industry
  • 5 years within project transfer, and manufacturing implementation in Southeast Asia
  • Managed manufacturing and maintenance operations in international teams
  • Process- and product management in high-tech production
  • Managed production- tools, machines and lines
  • Developed manufacturing execution systems

Henrik Jakobsen

MEMS Processing Expert

  • 50+ years within silicon sensors and MEMS industry and academia
  • Developed process technology for several world leading MEMS sensor products
  • Silicon device and MEMS technology expert
  • Professor Emeritus at University of South-Eastern Norway
  • 70+ journal, conference papers and book chapters
  • 10+ patents, patent applications

Erling B. Hohler

Senior Principal – algorithms, modelling, simulation, and design

  • 10 years within MEMS R&D
  • 10+ years within electro-mechanical product development
  • 10+ years within software development
  • Digital signal processing and FEM expert
  • PhD in theoretical physics
  • 9 journal and conference papers

About us

Autorient Technologies AS is a Norwegian high-tech start-up by a team of individuals coming from the well-known Norwegian company SensoNor. SensoNor is mainly known as a pioneering and successful company within solid-state semiconductor sensors (MEMS) for the automotive and the avionics industry. Together our team has more than 150 years with experience within MEMS inertia- and pressure sensors and long wave IR imaging chips, ASICs and microelectronics and sensor control systems, for numerous of applications where MEMS replaces old technology and makes previous impossible missions to become possible.

Autorient focus to establish a wide selection of standard products for professional OEM customers within positioning and control of autonomous- and semi-autonomous systems and operations. Autorient’s products will all include unique proprietary MEMS sensors with capabilities not offered in the open component market. Such capabilities are needed due to the many regulations, high accuracy, and agility for centimeter and millimeter operations, and the security and safety required within these emerging applications. IoT and AI will be generic characteristics of our products and in that context support multi-task and multi-unit operations, online and linked capabilities and related self-learning algorithms. In the same way as the human senses are the resources for the “man”, sensors are the absolute means for machines and operations to become autonomous.

The key for any success within the future industrial market is the understanding of the rise of the autonomous economy; the fourth industrial revolution. In a simple way it can be said to involve the “brain to machine” transfer. Industry within this fourth revolution is all sorts of applications where today the human brain is involved doing “work”.

After the start-up phase developing our first MEMS gyro sensor and establishing the architecture, concepts, software- and hardware-platforms including key components for our system products, we are now close to launching our first product to the market.

Autorient has a close working partnership with:

TMEC – Thai Microelectronics Center

Acclivis Technologies |Embedded Services – IoT, ML, and Cloud Solutions (

Autorient ASIAN Co. Ltd.

  • Manufacturing in Thailand

  • Product manufacturing – assembly and test – low cost production
  • Close vicinity to Thai Micro-electronics Center
  • Close vicinity to key component suppliers
  • Sales within Asian markets
  • Location within Gemopolis tax free zone in Bangkok close to Suvarnabhumi airport